comet end spectroscopic observations on 15 febr.

During the whole night i observed a list of faint comets during the night 15/16 febr.: 38P, 46P, 49P, 60P, 68P (not detected), 123P, 149P, 164P, 240P, 247P, C2010 U3, C/2015O1, C/2016 A1, C/2016 R2, C/2017 K2, C/2017 S3 (not detected), C/2017 T2, C/2018 A3, C/2018 W1, C/2018 W2, C/2018 Y1, C/2019 B1.  Simultanously, spectroscopic observations in high resolution with the C11 + LHiresIII spectrograph are made on Be-stars: kap Draconis, eps Casseopeia, BK Cam, Alfirk, HD 216200, HD 17505