comet and spectroscopic observations on 20 sept.

again a clear night but lower transparancy (more lightpollution effects). i did some comet observations: 8P, 11P, 29P, 58P, 215P, 257P, A/2019 U5, C/2017 B3, C/2017 K2, C/2018 U1, C/2019 K7, C/2019 L3, C/2019 O3, C/2020 P3, C/2019 Q1, C/2019 T3, C/2019 U6, C/2020 N1, C/2020 Q1, C/2020 S3 (new comet). High resolution spectra that are taken are: 28 Cyg, gam Cas (H-alpha), gam Cas (HeI @ 6678Å), 58 Cyg, V2139 Cyg, 25Peg (HD 210129).