comet and spectroscopic observations on 2 nov. 2020

after a long period of clouds and bad weather, there was a clear avening and i could observe some comets and do spectroscopic observations. observational conditions: disturbing moon (phase: 0.95) and windgusts.

comets i could observe are: 11P, 29P, 156P, 173P, 215P, 277P, C/2017 B3, C/2019 L3, C/2019 T3, C/2020 M3, C/2020 M5, C/2020 P3, C/2020 Q1 (not found).

stars which a spectrum could be otained are: gam Cas (HeI@6678Å), gam Cas, H-alpha, VV Cep, 14 Lac, 2 Ori.