comet and spectroscopic observations on 27 oct.

after a very nice day without clouds an 17 degr. temperature, i could start early in hte evening with observations of comets and spectra of Be-stars. comets that could be observed are: 4P, 10P, 17P, 28P, 29P, 67P, 102P (not found), 104P, 132P, 402P (not found), C/2017 K2, C/2019 O3, C/2019 U5, C/2020 K1, C/2020 PV6, C/2021 D2, C/2021 E3, C/2021 Q3, C/2019 LD2 and a possible comet mentioned on the PCCP and could be detected. With the LHires and C11 telescope i could obtain several spectra of Be-stars, which are: V2119 Cyg, V1466 Aql, V1339 Aql, V 813 Cas, AB Aur, PZ Gem.