comet and spectroscopic observations (Be-stars) during night of 25/26 june 2018

several comets are observed during nihgt 25/26 june: 21P, 37P, C/2015 O1, C/2017 K2, C/2017 M4, C/2017 S3C/2018 C2 and object ZMB936E mentioned on the CP of MPC – images are astrometric and photometric measured and send to MPC. For some comets are also the Af(rho) parameter obtained from CCD-images with R-Bessel filter (CARA approach).  With the second observatory (BRIXIIS-II) are some Be-stars observed + VV Cep with C11 + L200 spectrograph with 1800 l/mm grating: VV Cephei, HD206773 and z Hercules .