comet observations on 12 sept.

As a test after the tschnical issues with the setup, i started to observe some comets. the weather conditions were not good at all. There were high clouds and also just passed the full moon. So there was high interfering light and very low transparency. A few comets could still be oberved until the complete cloud cover closed the sky. comets wich are observed are: C/2022 L2, C/2022 E3, C/2020 U5.

technical issues with 0.4-m f/3.8 setup

I noticed that the images are very bad, taken with the 0.4-m f/3.8 setup. Problem was that the all stars appears as comets. Very strange. I could not at first immediately pinpoint the cause, after all, nothing had been changed in the installation. I then started by checking the basics, power supplies, etc. The CCD camera is powered by the same 12VDC power supply as all items on the telescope, including the mirror heaters. I then measured the DC voltage at the camera itself while all the consumers were on. I measured only 10.9 VDC there. This is far too little. I then increased the supply voltage to 12.5 VDC at the camera itself. If the anti-dew heaters get a higher voltage is not a problem. Afterwards did a test and the images are OK again. problem solved.