comet observations on 16 jan.

agazin a clear night but cold (minus 4°C). I started in the early evening with observations of comets: 12P, 13P, 29P (small outburst), 30P, 126P (behind star), 150P, 226P, 227P, C/2021 S4, C/2022 E2, C/2023 … Read more

comet observations on 9 jan.

a clear, but cold night (minus 6°C). I started with observations of come comets: 12P, 13P, 29P, 32P, 144P, 226P, C/2017 K2, C/2022 QE78, C/2022 U3. An object A10ZtNK, mentioned on the PCCP, was observed … Read more