comet and spectroscopic observations on 13 nov.

after a very nice day we have a clear night, with some little fog and lower transparancy and SQM about 18.9 in zenit. I could observe several comets with my 0.4-m f/3.8 newton telescope: 22P, 44P, 61P, 196P, C/2020 F5 (not detected), C/2020 H6, C/2020 U5, C/2022 E3, C/2022 L2 and an object mentioned on the PCCP. With the second setup, C11-cassegrain + LHiRess-III spectrograph, i could obtain several spectra in H-alpha region in high resolution (R~15000): PZ Gem, pi Aqr, bet Psc, 16 Peg and 8 Lac-B.

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