comet and spectroscopic observations on 25 nov.

the evening and night looks promising, with a very good transparancy and SQM of 19.2 … 19.5 , which is pretty good for my surrounding, i could observe some comets and could obtain some spectra of Be-stars in high resolution (R ~15000) of the H-alpha region. unfortunately, i had to struggle with some technical problems. Apparently the sensor of my CCD camera was suffering from dew formation. the high relative humidity of 89% will also be involved. However, after 2 hours, problem was partially solved and I could finally start observing comets. comets that could be observed are: 22P, 29P, 44P, 61P, 127P, 196P, C/2020 F5, C/2020 U5, C/2021 T4, C/2021 Y1, C/2022 L2. Spectra could be obtained of Be-stars: zet Tau, V581 Per, V442 And, PZ Gem, Pleione, HD 18552.

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