comet and spectroscopic observation during night 23/24 july 2018

A clear night but with disturbing moonlight (about 3/4 moon) and some high clouds in the sky.  several comets are observed and comet 129P as well. By Mike Kelley (University of Maryland) was mentioned on the comets-ml, that 129P experienced an outburst, so put this comet on my list : 21P, 29P, 78P, 129PC/2014 OE4C/2017 K4, C/2017 M4, C/2017 M5, C/2017 S3 , C/2018 C2   and P2018 L4 not detected.  And with BRIXIIS-II observatory a spectrum of V2144 Cyg and gam Cas were observed.