comet and spectroscopic observations on 30 nov.2018

a clear night after 2 weeks of clouds and rain. First is must rebuild a complete pointingmodel for my ASA mount, due a softwarecrash. After that i could obtain some comets: 29P/S-W1, 31P/S-W (dubious detection), 46P/WIRTANEN (now on about 16° above horizon in the severe lightpolution area, 64P and C/2017 T2.  Then clouds where coming in and i must interupt the observations.  With BRIXIIS-II observatory, several spectrocopic observations are made: VV Cep, 28 Cyg,  V442 And, HD 26398 and Pleione. I made some changes on the setting of the grating, so i must take a again for the instrument response correction, but due the clouds i must interrupt the observations as well.