comet and spectroscopic observations in night 18+19 aug.

During this clear night , i observed a list of comets and 1 object mentioned on the PCCP as possible comet to confirm the cometary nature. comets which are observed are: 29P, 115P, C/2016 Q2, C/2017 Y2, C/2018 N2, C/2018 U1, C/2019 K7, C/2019 L3, C/2019 T2, C/2019 T3, C/2019 U6, C/2020 M5, P/2019 LD2 and object gb00267 on the PCCP (on 20 aug. assigned as comet C/2020 Q1 (Borisov). High resolution spectra are obtained with C11 and LHiResIII spectrograph of gam cas (HeI @ 6678 Å) and V421 Cep @ H-alpha region.