comet and spectroscopic observations on 24 oct.

After a very beautiful sunny day, the trend continued for a clear night. I therefore observed both comets and could obtain spectra. Unfortunately around 1 am – local time – during the night, I had to stop the observing due to clouds drifting in and a possible chance of rain.

Comets that i could observe are: 104P, 132P, 186P(not found), 324P(not found), A/2019 O2, C/2017 K2, C/2019 K7, C/2019 T3, C/2019 U5, C/2020 PV6, C/2021 K1, C/2021 E3, C/2021 O3. With the C11 and LHiResS spectrograph i could obtain high resolution spectra of: PZ Gem, V581 Per, V423 Lac, tet Ari, psi Per, pi Aqr, omi And, bet Psc, 18 Gem.