follow-up observation of 23 comets on 14/15 oktober

During the night of 14/15 oktober , 23 comets are observed as follow-up: 24P, 47P, 53P, 62P, 139P, 236P, 237P, 352P, 361P, 362P, C/2010 U3, C/2011 KP36, C/2015 ER61, C/2015 O1, C/2015 V1, C/2016 M1, C/2016 N4, C/2016 R2, C/2017 M4, C/2017 O1, C/2017 S6, P/2017 S5.  Object mentioned on PCCP P10E1ZQ (later assigned as comet P/2017 S8 (PANSTARRS) was found on the CCD-images,  comet C/2016 G1 could not be found on the CCD-images.