spectroscopic and comet observations on 29 oct.

After 6 weeks of clouds and rain, i could start with comet observations again. The conditions where not very well, high clouds and high humidity give the high light pollution the free hand. SQM in zenit was about 18.7.  Comets which are observed are: 2P (not detected), 29P, 101P, 114P, 173P, 260P, 261P, C/2017 T2, C/2018 A3, C/2018 N2, C/2019 K5, C/2019 N1. With the C11 and LHiResIII spectrograph and 2400 l/mm grating are several stars observed for the H-alpha region: VV Cep, V357 Lac, Pleione, gam Cas, HD 183339, Alfirk, 28 Cyg.