comet & spectroscopic observations on 7/8 nov. 2019

after the clouds where gone i could start with observations of some comets and also spectroscopic observations of Be-stars.  Comets which are observed are: 29P, 260P, C/2018 N2, C/2019 L3 (not detected) and object ‘gb00246’ mentioned on the PCCP (Possible Comet Confirmation Page) of the MPC (Minor Planet Center). I could see on my stacked image that this object has cometary appearances and was later assigned as comet C/2019 V1 (BORISOV), see M.P.E.C. 2019-V130.  Be-stars where a spectrum of the H-alpha region was taken, are: V442 And, Pleione, Electra, 48 Per.