technical issue with ASA DDM85 on 21 dec. 2020

I noticed an problem with my setup with the ASA DDM85 mount. The USB devices aren’t recognised anymore . After some tests, i could conclude that the internal USB hub of the ASA DDM85 isn’t working anymore or very unstable. I decided to remove my telescope and the mount an thanks of the tips of a Dutch friend, i could remove the internal USB-hub. I opened the very small USB hub and saw that the electronics was severely contaminated by combination of condensate and dirt. check out the webpage of the ASA mount with USB internal hub. I did a search on internet but this kind of USB-hub (Conrad 4 port USB 2.0 hub type: HY-HB-856, manufacturer is the Chinese Hiyatek) is obsolete. I contacted Astrosysteme and they are closed until 11 jan. 2021.

update (26 dec.2020): The USB hub is no longer working anyway. So I cleaned the USB hub with distilled water and toothbrush. Afterwards I dried it and put it in a bath of isopropanol for a few minutes, then dried it with a hairdryer. Tested again and the USB hub works again. But after a while testing with the CCD-camera, i experienced that the hub is unstable and not working always.