comet and spectroscopic observations on 19 march 2021

Finally, another clear, cold night so that we could observe again. With the 0.4-m f/3.8 newton telescope I was able to observe a number of comets, unfortunately after a few hours I had problems communicating with the CCD camera and the PC and had to stop the observations. Comets wich could observed are: 29P, 156P, 160P (not found), C/2020 M3, C/2021 A2 and object C4V28F2 mentioned on the PCCP, but could not be finished due to technical problems. With the C11 and LHiResIII spectrograph some high resolution spectra of following stars could be obtained: gam Cas (H-alpha detail, gam Cas (He-I detail @ 6478 Å), 53 Boo, HD 22298, phi Leo.