comet and spectroscopic observations on 20 april

Some cloud cover but otherwise an OK evening for observation. Several comets were observed with the 0.4-m f/3.8 newton telescope: 19P, 67P, 70P, 100P, 116P, C/2017 K2, C/2019 K7, C/2019 U5, C/2020 H6, C/2020 J1, C/2020 K1, C/2020 M5, C/2020 PV6, C/2020 U5, C/2020 V2, C/2021 A7, C/2022 E3. With the 11″ cassegrain telescope + LHiReSIII spectrograph, the following spectra were obtained: PZ Gem, CX Draconis.